How do I share the gospel with my elderly father?

Chinese Stranger Book and Audiobook

Question: I want to share the gospel with my elderly father. He loves to read his Chinese newspapers but I’m not confident he will read through The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus if I give him a copy. What do you suggest?

Answer: We would recommend spending the time to lead him through a study. If you set aside about 11 hours, you can try this: each of you hold a copy of the Chinese edition of The Stranger and you read it out loud to him. Do a section or several sections each day for two weeks. It’s best to complete the book in the shortest possible time so as not to break the flow of the narrative.

Here’s another option: take advantage of our Mandarin or Cantonese audiobook versions of The Stranger. The study scenario would be similar—each of you hold a copy of the book while you both listen to the audiobook.

With either method, you can then discuss the questions in the workbook or just chat about what you’ve read or listened to that day.

Doing the study this way is less intimidating for both of you. It’s never easy for a child (no matter how old) to teach a parent. Reading a book or listening to an audiobook places the authority on the author and takes the pressure off you. And reading with him will ensure your father finishes the book while you can track with him to see if he is understanding what is being taught. And to top it off, it can be a good time of fellowship.


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