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(Editor’s note: In life, we are often faced with difficult circumstances: an illness or some tragedy. Even during these times, if we look beyond ourselves, we can find God bringing someone into our lives with whom we can share the gospel message. This is Phoebe’s* story.)

A day after we shared Brad Powell’s video testimony, we received an email from Phoebe. She wrote, “I have wanted to write to you for some time and thank you for the book, ‘By this Name.'”

Phoebe went on to explain that she had been bedridden for two years. During that time of illness, she had to have a housekeeper, who also doubled as a caregiver. Her last housekeeper was named Annette*. Though not a Christian, Annette was interested in learning about the Bible. Both of Annette’s parents were very staunch atheists. In addition, Annette’s husband was very disillusioned with religion. Instead of dwelling on her illness, Phoebe wondered what would be a good way to explain the gospel clearly to her caregiver.

One of Annette’s jobs was to read to Phoebe every day. This gave Phoebe an idea. She handed Anette a copy of “By This Name” and asked her to read it aloud. And Annette did. Every day, she read sections of the book and, by the end of it, she happily put her trust in Jesus for her salvation. Phoebe then handed Annette a Bible and asked her to read it aloud too. She also got Annette to read Christian books aloud, all in an effort to help Annette grow in her understanding of God.

Before long, the Lord healed Phoebe, which meant she didn’t require Annette’s help any longer. God graciously provided Annette with another job and, while Phoebe was happy for Annette, the two women found it hard to keep in touch. Phoebe wondered if Annette was continuing to grow in her faith.

When Brad Powell’s testimony came out, Phoebe immediately took the opportunity to forward the video to Annette. Annette replied the same day:

“I just watched Brad’s testimony and I, too, am at peace. God is at peace with me because of the finished work of the cross… I love that!! It made sense to me.”

Phoebe was overjoyed. Her long season of illness had not been a waste. God had used that situation to bring Annette into Phoebe’s life. And, being ever alert for the opportunity to be an ambassador for Christ, Phoebe did not let the chance slip by. In our own lives, may we also do likewise.


(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)



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