More passionate about sharing the gospel

Tools designed to share the gospelIn March, two of our staff members conducted a seminar about sharing the gospel. One of the couples that attended wrote a note:

“Both my wife and I left feeling revived and more passionate about sharing the gospel.

“I shared my experience from the seminar and we are going to start a Bible study group with a few of our leaders and core members using “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.” We will offer a few classes over the summer and in the fall to our members. The members of the first two studies will lead the fall classes.

“We have been looking for ways to better disciple our people and encourage them and equip them to share the gospel…. We will be using this study as a platform and starting place.”

Whenever people get excited about sharing the gospel using our tools, we thank God that our ministry is able to help believers fulfill the biblical mandate of being ambassadors for Christ. Pray with us that this couple and their church will be able to share the gospel with many.


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