God used his magic wand!

magic wand

(Editor’s note: When we create our tools, we do our best to ensure the text itself explains the gospel clearly. Even a young person who can read aloud can lead another through the gospel. This is Jessie’s story.)

Gloria’s* seven-year-old daughter, Jessie, recently started asking questions like “Who made the world? Where did people come from?” As a child, Gloria had gained some Bible knowledge from her Grandma and from summer camps, but now all she could tell Jessie was “God made the world.”

But that didn’t satisfy little Jessie. She probed further: “What is God like?” Gloria didn’t know how to answer and realized that she needed to get her daughter some answers. So she bought her little girl a children’s Bible. Jessie loved it! She read it on her own and started to learn about God but she still had questions. Gloria wondered what other resource she could use to help explain God to Jessie.

That’s when Gloria asked her cousin if she had any ideas. Her cousin did! “I have just the book for you,” she said to Gloria. “It’s a book that explains the character of God and it explains about the world and about the gospel.”

“Perfect! That’s just what Jessie needs!”

So Gloria’s cousin gave Jessie a copy of The Lamb. Jessie was so excited to receive it. “I love my Bible! I’m so excited to get this book!” she said, hugging the hardcover book tightly. She felt the book’s message was too important to keep to herself so she gathered her five-year-old sister, Pam*, and her three-year-old cousin Alison*, for a read-aloud session.

Jessie read chapter one to her little group and then she quizzed them with the review questions. “When God made the world, how did he do it?” Jessie asked her little sister.

Pam waved an arm. “I know! He used his magic wand!”

Jessie held up the book and shook her head. “No, this book tells us that God is so powerful that he just used words to create the world. He didn’t need a wand.” Although she didn’t know it, seven-year-old Jessie was now an evangelist, teaching her sister and cousin the truth in God’s word!

Pray with us for Jessie, Pam and Alison. Pray that God’s good news, as explained in “The Lamb” will become clear to these precious girls. Pray, too, for Gloria that this simple children’s book will open her eyes and her heart to seek the good news of the Bible for herself.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

Photo credit: Carol Alejandra Hernández Sánchez on flickr 

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