Why wouldn’t I believe!

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What would you do if your son or daughter was interested in someone of a different worldview? Learn how one father in Australia lovingly provided a way for a young man to explore the Bible’s worldview and see what God did in this young man’s life.

We recently received an email from Greg* in Australia. He related to us how his son-in-law, Kyle,* came to put his trust in Jesus. When Kyle had been serving in the military, he had wanted to date Greg’s daughter, Megan*. She was interested in Kyle, but unwilling to date an unbeliever. Her father also made it clear to Kyle that he did not approve of a relationship. But Greg offered Kyle an opportunity to get an understanding of what the Bible is about so Kyle could understand Megan’s faith.

Kyle said he was willing to explore the Bible and so Greg led a study with Kyle and Megan. They got together to read through By This Name. Greg was understandably skeptical about Kyle’s level of interest. Was this just Kyle’s way of getting over the family’s objections? Was Kyle being sincere in wanting to investigate the Bible? Kyle had never been to any church and he had no knowledge of the Bible. He wasn’t even religious in any way. But Greg pushed ahead with the study.

They made their way through the book and Kyle’s understanding of the Bible grew and grew. By the time they got to the end of By This Name, Kyle was beaming. In response to whether he believed, Kyle simply said, “Why wouldn’t I believe!” Because the book assumed nothing on Kyle’s part, it explained Bible’s message step by step, story by story and laid out the gospel in a clear way from creation to the cross.

Kyle and Megan eventually got married and Greg is amazed to see Kyle continue to grow in his understanding of God and the Bible. Greg said, “He has since gown from strength to strength in his faith and walk with the Lord. Praise the Lord!”

When we take that step of simply offering to explain the Bible to another person, we never know what the Lord can do. For us, we just need to be willing to take the time and equip ourselves with tools that can help us explain the wonderful message of the gospel.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)


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