The Bible had always been confusing for me

By This Name ClassA church in Singapore regularly runs its own version of a TERM Seminar. They use By This Name as the text and run the course over seven Friday evenings. All types of people, from long-time church goers, to new believers, to those who are just seeking to find out what the Bible is all about attend. Here is a testimony from a recent participant.

After completing an introductory course, a next natural step for me was to know more about God’s Word and so I signed up for the By This Name course. The course is based on a book written by John R. Cross. Prior to attending the course, the Bible had always been confusing for me. I did not know where to start reading it and how to read it the way it is meant to be understood.

The course helped to me to make sense of the Old Testament and the New Testament. I learnt about significant events in the Bible and how God’s promise to fulfill certain events always came to pass. The course was almost like a summary of the Bible, highlighting the key points. As such, when I read the Bible now, the contextual background acquired during the course allows better and easier understanding of the verse or chapter that I am reading.

Above it all, I am truly convinced that my faith is not a blind one, but one that resulted from knowing God’s longstanding history and in believing that the God whom I trust is loving and perfectly just.



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