I just can’t share the gospel with my family… it’s too hard

FamilyIt is one thing to share the Good News with a dear friend, a co-worker or even your mechanic. It is entirely different to even attempt to share it with family. These are people who have seen you at your worst, argued with you, who know your strengths well and your weaknesses better than most. The challenges may seem insurmountable—the risks too great.

Yet, here are some stories of people who have shared the good news with their loved ones. Perhaps some of these ideas would be of encouragement to you, too.*

The “religious” brother and his sister: Just give it away
One day, Ron received a copy of “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” from a friend. Before he could read it, his sister called from another state where she lived. She wanted to know about “this religious thing” that her brother was into. Ron decided to send her the book. Both his sister and her husband read it, trusted the Lord and are now growing in Him.

The son-in-law and the father-in-law: Reading it together
Melissa married a man who had no interest in God. Being a Christian, she would attend church regularly, but Terence rarely went with her. He much preferred his life of drinking. One day, Melissa’s father invited Terence to read through a book with him. Over several weeks, they read through ”The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” together. At the end of the study, Terence placed his trust in God. He became a changed man. He is now a godly husband and is teaching his children about the Lord and the whole family now goes to church.

My friend and my mother: Getting my friend to share with my mother
Leticia had recently become a believer and started studying the Bible with her friend, Juliana. One day, Leticia told Juliana that her mother was very sick and did not have long to live. She asked Juliana if she would be willing to come and share the Gospel with her mum. Juliana agreed and decided to use ”The Lamb” as she felt it would be a good, simple approach and the pictures were beautiful. This would be the first time she would have used “The Lamb” with an adult.

When they got to the house where Leticia stayed with her mum, Juliana was led down to a back room where Paula was lying in bed. After chatting with her for a while, Juliana started reading the book to this sweet old lady in Portuguese, trusting that the Holy Spirit would lead her. At times, she would read, at times she would tell the story as simply and as plainly as she could, using the pictures as guides. Every now and then, Juliana would ask Paula a question to check that she understood and was following. Paula would answer softly and weakly but correctly. At the end of the sharing, Paula told Juliana that she understood what she had heard and decided to trust in Jesus.

My Dad and me: Guiding Dad
Gerald never had any opportunity to share his faith with his very strict and stern father before. The older man made it very clear that he could learn nothing from his grown children that he did not already know. One day, Gerald’s father had a very severe heart attack and almost died. After recovering from this major health scare, fearing for his father’s salvation, Gerald ask him where he thought he would have gone had he died. His father said he did not know. Taking this as an opening, Gerald asked if he could help his father answer that question. Miraculously, his father agreed. Gerald guided his father through the message of the gospel by reading aloud ”The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” and at the end, his father put his faith in Jesus. He knew where he wanted to go the next time death came knocking.

(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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