An amazing time at Missions Fest 2013

GoodSeed at Missions Fest 2013

It was an amazing time at Missions Fest. We met quite a number of people who were familiar with our tools and said they were using them to reach out to friends and neighbours. There were also people who were looking for ways to explain the gospel to their loved ones and they were happy to discover we had tools that could help them.

One family was so excited to discover What are Christmas and Easter All About? that they bought a case of 100 books to give out to everyone they know.

A lady was looking for a way to teach the gospel to her Sunday School class. She grabbed a copy of The Lamb and said, “I don’t have to prepare! I can simply read this to the class!”

A gentleman said, “I’ve been looking for a way to share the gospel with my cousin. All I have to do is read this book first and then pass it to her and get her to read and we can talk about it right?” We told him that was a simple and effective way to share the gospel and he was happy to purchase a copy of the of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus.

A couple walked by our booth and we took a few minutes to explain the tools we had. They were particularly interested in our Spanish translation of “The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus” because they had a friend who spoke and read Spanish. They bought themselves an English edition and a Spanish one for their friend. Since the books had the same number of chapters, they could read and keep pace with their Spanish friend.

We were glad to be at Missions Fest to help people live a lifelong lifestyle of sharing the gospel. May God bless the efforts of these and other people who have the passion to share the gospel with people in their lives.


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