Don’t waste Easter!


Easter Presentation

Easter is one of the most appropriate times for sharing the gospel. While TV commercials feature Easter bunnies and children hunting for chocolate eggs, frequently friends, co-workers and acquaintances wonder what Easter is really all about. This gives you the natural opportunity to share the true meaning of Easter.

Consider these ideas:

1. Share with Co-workers

Tell your co-workers you have a book that explains what Easter is all about. We know of one man who posted such a message on Facebook and 20 of his co-workers responded. He gave them each a copy of What are Christmas and Easter All About?

2. Reception Area

If you run a business, consider placing a stack of What are Christmas and Easter All About? in your reception area and offer them free-of-charge to interested customers.

3. Children’s Time

If you are a church or Sunday School leader, you may want to plan for a Children’s Time during the services leading up to Easter. During each session, two readers can read one or two chapters from The Lamb and flash the pictures from The Lamb PowerPoint on screen for the congregation to see. One church we knew had “Grandpa” sitting on a rocking chair, holding the book on his lap as he read to the kids who had gathered around him. Both the adults and the kids loved it! Each child was then given a copy of The Lamb as a gift.

4. Neighbourhood Giveaway

Another church bought several cases of What are Christmas and Easter All About? and distributed them to the neighbourhood during Easter. Included in the gift bags were invitations to visit the church.

5. Easter Play

A group of Sunday School teachers used What are Christmas and Easter All About? as the basis for an Easter play. They had two teachers narrate the story with children taking on the roles of Adam and Eve, Moses and other biblical characters. They also used the PowerPoint slides from The Lamb PowerPoint to flash on a screen. This was done over two Sundays.

We hope these ideas will inspire more ideas for you to take Easter as the perfect time to share the gospel. Think through what you can do, plan ahead and get the tools you need.

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