It’s maybe the best I’ve seen to share the gospel

ProvenceSeveral years ago, while Allie* and her husband were on vacation, they had several opportunities to share the gospel. However, they had lacked a resource they could give to those they had met. So last year, in planning for a vacation in France to celebrate their wedding anniversary, Allie did some research and ordered GoodSeed resources for the trip. She was so excited with what happened that she wrote to tell us about her adventure. Here is Allie’s story:

When we went to Italy a few years ago, we had opportunities to talk about the Lord but didn’t have anything to share with the people we met. So, this time when we went to France, we went prepared and prayed for open doors.

It was not easy to find the right book in French, but after seeing the high ratings of By This Name, I ordered three copies (Par ce nom in French). I also downloaded the Kindle version in English so I could read what we were giving others. It is the perfect gift to share with someone who has no biblical knowledge. (The chronological approach is logical, so by the time you get to Jesus, it makes sense that we need a Saviour and that it is He who fulfills the promise.) It is also great for someone who knows the Bible well (the book makes all the pieces come together like a puzzle).

One book went to a woman in a sweater shop in Provence. After trying on sweaters and dresses and building a relationship, we made a purchase. We smiled and said to her, “We’d like you to have this. It helps explain what is happening in the world and how God has revealed Himself in the Bible.” She could not speak English, so she just read the back cover in French, smiled and said, “Merci—Thank you.”

Then at the chateau where we stayed, we spoke to one of the girls who worked there. She was about 30 years old, very sharp and spoke excellent English. She had noticed that we spent some of our time just relaxing and reading. I told her what I was reading and that I also had a copy of the book in French. Showing it to her, I gave a brief description. Accepting my offer of the book, she replied, “I’ll read this and then email you and tell you what I think.” One of the other young people, who also worked there, overheard our conversation. I wonder if the book will be passed on.

The next person we gave a book to was a man who owned a perfumery and designed jewelry. He, too, took the book with gratitude.

Everyone graciously received the book. No one pushed back or acted offended. All were a little surprised by our offer but pleased.

Since returning home, I’ve ordered five more By This Name in English. The woman at the checkout counter inquired about our trip. I told her about the lack of local churches in France and about giving the books. She expressed some interest so, a few days later, I was able to give her a book in a gift bag.

Several of my family and friends are now ordering copies, as well.

Thank you for this tool that clearly presents the gospel. I love that it opens with the story of Moses, before going on to say that he’s the guy who wrote the first five books of the Bible. Starting with Genesis, it goes on to explain about creation. Even if someone is familiar with Bible stories, By This Name helps fit the accounts together to tell one big magnificent story! I think it’s maybe the best [tool] I’ve seen to share the gospel! I plan to send to my uncle and adult cousins along with their Christmas gifts. May the Lord bless His Word through this book! Thank you!


(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)


Photo credit: “Cassis Harbour, Provence, France” by Anna & Michal  is licensed under CC BY 2.0