Evangelism with internationals at state university–an interview

Screen Shot 2014-06-26 at 12.54.56 PMEditor’s note: One of our GoodSeed staff recently interviewed Veronica,* who spends much of her time teaching English as a second language (ESL) and doing evangelism Bible studies with Asian international students at a large state university. So, how does she do it?!

Read this inspiring interview that is chock-full of typical examples of how GoodSeed tools are used to lead people to a clear understanding of the Bible…

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Counselling troubled adults with a children’s book?


For years, Isabelle* felt lost and hopeless. Finally, she went to get some help in order to sort out a lifetime of past hurt, confusion and deception. One day her counsellor recognized an underlying problem. Isabelle wrote to tell us what happened…

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Five ways to stand clear and let God work

Stand clear

Matt’s* living room was full of people. A mixed group of about a dozen international students plus other men and women from the small college town had been there every Thursday night for the past six weeks. Some had literally never read the Bible before. Others only knew bits and pieces. They had all learned a lot as Matt guided them through the Bible from creation to the cross in a course called Worldview Rethink.

Now, as the course was nearing its end, Matt desperately wanted each person to trust in Jesus Christ—to believe the gospel and be saved! At the same time he knew it had to be God’s work, not his own efforts to coerce or convince people. (Revelation 7:10)

Here are five ways Matt let God work in the minds and hearts of those in his group.

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God has allowed us to guide many friends

Faithful Couple
“Our days are full from morning till night… our weeks pretty much revolve around spending time with friends and doing By This Name studies.”

It all started when Josh* attended a TERM Seminar in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho in 2010. He learned how to use GoodSeed tools to guide a course about the Bible in a way that makes sense. When he returned home he immediately shared what he had learned with his wife Steph*. As a couple they began praying that God would bring opportunities. Since then, their life has become quite busy–in a good way! God has allowed them to guide many of their friends and acquaintances in their small rural town to a clear understanding of the Bible’s main message–the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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Sign up for the updated TERM Seminar

TERM Seminar
For many years, TERM has been our main training program to equip the body of Christ to be more effective ambassadors. Recently, we revamped the content and the new seminar is now modular.

Module A explores four barriers to sharing the gospel:

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Radio broadcast in Malawi using GoodSeed Resources


In January we posted a Report from Malawi describing what God has been doing there through the newly translated Chichewa edition of the booklet What are Christmas and Easter All About? Recently, over the Easter weekend, the booklet was broadcast live and listeners were able to call in with questions, comments, and to order the book for themselves. Here’s an excerpt from Rodrick, the Bible teacher who did the broadcast:

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Kenyan translator teaches as he was taught

Kenya-BTNLast year Lewis,* a pastor from Arizona, joined a team of Bible teachers organized by Village Ministries International to travel from USA to Uganda and Kenya. Their objective was to provide Bible training resources for indigenous pastors and teachers.

Abasi,* a young Kenyan fluent in both English and Swahili, volunteered to be a translator for the team. As they travelled over rough terrain from village to village, Abasi faithfully and accurately conveyed the teaching with conviction to over 200 people who attended the meetings. By the end of the trip, it was clear to Lewis and the others that young Abasi was not only a good communicator but also a keen and humble student of the Word.

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Salvation at a meat plant


Meat worker

Editor’s Note: Many believers find that being an ambassador of Christ involves… building relationships, giving away resources that explain the gospel clearly, and guiding people in a course so that they can understand the message of the Bible for themselves. Kyle* has been doing just that in his work place for the past several years. He wrote recently to share what God has done:

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eBooks are now available!


Since the launch of our new website and web stores, you may have noticed that the digital versions of our resources were temporarily unavailable. We are pleased to announce that they are back online. We took the opportunity to upgrade the eBooks so that they display beautifully on all the various eReader devices available on the market today. Now you can download The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, By This Name, All that the Prophets have Spoken and more in a variety of popular formats including ePub, Mobi and PDF.

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The tools were a God-send on my missions trip to India

Teaching the Gospel to orphans in India using the Lamb
Children at an orphanage in India learn about The Lamb

Editor’s note: Brenna Stoll recently returned home from a missions trip to an orphanage in India. She wrote the following email to us to share how she used GoodSeed tools to teach the gospel there. The Lamb was well received by both the little ones as well as the older children. By This Name is perfectly suited for India because it helps people with an Eastern worldview understand the Bible. Praise God for excellent results on this missions trip!

Brenna wrote:

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