An Easter poem: Something Inside Came Alive with a Roar

came aliveThe Bible records a story that happened two thousand years ago on the day that Jesus was resurrected. It’s an account of two individuals on the road from Jerusalem to their hometown of Emmaus, and about a stranger they met. Here’s their story.

We left Jerusalem, about midday
Avoiding travellers along the way.
Taking the road alone, dusty and dry,
Trying to escape that prying eye.

We argued as we walked, what could it mean
Of Jesus, and the miracles we’d seen?
Of stories we’d heard, of places we’d been,
How a lamb could atone for one’s own sin.

Half in fear, half in hope,
Rehearsing His life, trying to cope.
First we whispered, then we cried
You see, we were there when Jesus died.

Then a stranger joined us unaware—
His presence fresh, like a gust of air.
We gave no thought, where he was from
And took no interest in how he’d come.

At first he spoke not yet a word,
But listened carefully, as we conferred.
As we discussed the day’s events
And all that Jesus was up against.

The stranger then spoke, as in dismay,
“Why do you dispute along the way?”
Stunned, we said, “Didn’t you see the throng,
The trial, the crucifixion, the terrible wrong?”

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Jesus rose to life – A poem for Easter

Jesus rose to life

Jesus rose to life

If Jesus be dead, in the grip of a tomb,
There’d be nothing for us but fear and doom.
Life would be sad, with no way to cope.
Death would reign all, without any hope.

If Jesus be dead, in the grip of a tomb,
We’d have no future, only dark and gloom.
No life after death, no eternity in sight,
No hope, no joy, no Saviour, no light.

But…. (And aren’t we thankful there is a “but”)

But thanks be to God, Jesus rose to life.
The debt all paid, though sin was rife.
His body lay in the tomb three days,
Then up from the grave his life was raised.

Yes, thanks be to God, Jesus rose to life.
He conquered death, all sin and strife.
To those who believe, from death set free.
With hope, with joy, their Saviour to see.

A poem by John R. Cross
2013 © John R. Cross

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