From a muddy pond to pure, life-giving water

Many, these days, seem to borrow religious ideas from a variety of sources. Claude* was one such individual.

In his mid-fifties, Claude was very religious. While he identified himself with a traditional church, he had gleaned so much of his thinking from other religions that his views were very muddled and hardly representative of his own church’s belief system.

He had become especially interested in the Eastern practices of yoga, chakra, astral voyage and so forth, as well as in the occult. His driving desire was to find that which was true. So his search continued.

A naturally curious individual, Claude was happy to learn more about religion when given the opportunity to study the Bible. He and Henri began their sessions, reading By This Name together and progressing through the Bible’s message in a way that was organized and clear.

They were about two-thirds of the way through the book when Claude arrived for their session with an announcement. Not wanting to wait any longer to finish the story of salvation, he’d gone ahead and finished the book. He announced to Henri: “It is finished, once and for all… I am saved, justified. Jesus did it all!”

The Holy Spirit had done a remarkable work in the man’s life and had opened his eyes to many of the lies he’d been pursuing. While Henri was thrilled with Claude’s salvation, the two men decided to finish studying the book together.

The Lord used their continued study of the truths of the Bible to do some housekeeping in Claude’s life. The study helped clear up some of the false teachings associated with the occult in which he’d been immersed.

Claude continues to walk with the Lord. He appreciated so much the way By This Name communicated the Bible’s message that he bought several copies and gave them away to individuals in his life. He loves to share the good news of salvation and help others to find the truth that he spent so many years seeking.

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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