Seeing the Holy Spirit at Work is Extraordinary!

Have you ever prayed for months and years for the salvation of a particular person? Sometimes it’s easy to become discouraged and wonder if it’s any use.

Carole* was an older woman and an unbeliever. However, she had a sister and a daughter who had been praying faithfully for her salvation for a long time. Would the time ever come when their loved one believed the good news of the gospel?

One day Lily approached Carole, offering to do a Bible study with her. The book they would read together was called By This Name, and it would give Carole a clear understanding of the Bible’s message. Carole agreed.

The two women met once a week for 15 weeks. Lily related, “It was such an extraordinary experience to see the work of the Holy Spirit before my very eyes.”

At the end of their last study together, it was clear that Carole understood the message of salvation. However, she seemed uncertain about whether it was meant for her personally. As she and Lily discussed the Bible’s message, the truth finally dawned on her and Carole was overcome with tears. “It was a very intense moment,” Lily shared.

Now, Carole has been baptized and attends a local church. Her one unbelieving daughter has since understood the gospel for herself and has also trusted Jesus as her Saviour!

Truly, the prayers of Carole’s sister and daughter were effective and they are so glad they persevered in praying for their loved one.

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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