400,000 copies of L’histoire qui fait toute la différence!

drcEach day, GoodSeed sees numerous books shipped out into the waiting hands of… who knows? Typically we hear little of what happens with the tools we send out after they arrive at their destination.

For example, last year, in partnership with the Revival Movement Association in Ireland, GoodSeed saw 400,000 copies of L’histoire qui fait toute la difference, the French translation of The Story that Matters, shipped to French speaking countries around the world–primarily to Africa, though small numbers of books were also sent to France, Quebec and to the Dominican Republic for use with the Haitian community. We had tidbits of feedback, but really for the most part, we had very little idea how the materials were received and being used in these various locations.

Until now.

A co-labourer was so kind to seek feedback and even photographs to bring encouragement to our hearts, as well as help us to better develop our tools.

We’re so happy to share a handful of these stories we’ve recently received from pastors, missionaries and church planters. We pray that you, too, will be encouraged as you read of how the gospel is reaching lives.

From Guinea:
Over a year ago, Gary* was requested by his mission organization to leave Guinea due to the Ebola outbreak. Before leaving, he gave a number of copies of L’histoire qui fait toute la difference to a local lay pastor. Shortly after returning to Guinea this past fall, Gary was delighted to touch base with the same pastor and hear how the book had been used to clarify his own understanding of the gospel: “He expressed his appreciation and explained how the sacrifices prescribed in the law was a picture of what Jesus did for us on the cross. He went into detail how clear it was that, as the priest put his hand on the head of the sacrifice, it was as if the sins of the people were transferred to [the animal] and it had to die. He completely linked it to how Jesus took our sins upon Himself and died in our place. I was very pleased with his understanding of the gospel. Thank you very much for your contribution to the spreading of the gospel here in Guinea.”

nyamuke_mbankana_school_05From Burkina Faso:
“We have distributed quite a number of the booklets as we have travelled the road from Burkina Faso to Ivory Coast, West Africa. We have to pass through numerous… checkpoints at the border between the two countries and the officers are always very keen and thankful to receive something to read in their language. In fact, on several occasions, they have requested something to read. Thank you for helping to provide these excellent booklets.”

From the Democratic Republic of the Congo:
“I give a booklet with this beautiful story to those I meet. We have already opened five churches in Kinshasa. I will send them a certain quantity…Thank you. Believe me, here in Africa, this type of material runs out quickly when used for evangelism.”

From the Democratic Republic of the Congo:
A missionary has chosen to target those who are better educated with the booklets. “I think… that the Lord will use these booklets to speak to the hearts… as they read it.” After distributing the books at a local high school, he wrote, “We made the distribution and gave it to six different classes. We were well received and we think the Lord will do His work during the reading.”

nyamuke_mbankana_school_06From the Ivory Coast:
“I would like to have hundreds of the book L’histoire… for evangelism outreach in rural settings. I would also have some for the children of our Sunday school since I work with teachers from other churches.”

From France:
“The booklets we received were all distributed during the outreach that we had this past summer in the city of Lille. This camp was an outreach to an economically depressed region of France. A great thank you to the donors!”

From Quebec, Canada:
“These booklets have been used at different events here at the church, as well as being used regularly as gifts at the welcome desk for newcomers. We did not use them as a mass distribution event. We have integrated the distribution during our church events and evangelism activities. Thank you for the work you do!”

From Quebec, Canada:
“Thank you for your ministry, which is useful in planting churches. Our use of L’histoire are:

  1. In our connecting and communicating with people we know and new contacts. We encourage them to read the booklet and tell us what they think. We are getting good results as we use it for follow-up.
  2. We want to do a distribution in our area in the spring of 2016. L’histoire will be a major component in reaching the families of our neighbourhood.
  3. As for me, I always have two or three copies with my name and phone number, that I give out to people I meet.”

(* All names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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