Over 90 and trusting Christ for the first time

90-year-old man

Since the launch of The Story that Matters, we’ve seen individuals and churches give out hundreds and hundreds of the 64-page booklet. One reason people like to use this small book is that it provides background and information about the God of the Bible (who he is and what he is like), the problem of sin and the salvation that Jesus offers. For someone with no background about the Bible, the booklet uses a historical narrative to introduce God in a way that makes sense.

Recently, we received an email from Amanda.* She had ordered ten copies and passed several to her sister who helps care for an elderly neighbour. Amanda relates what happened:

“I love The Story that Matters. I ordered 10 of them and have given most of them away. My sister helps care for an elderly neighbor who never went to church and is over 90 years old. His mind is still sharp but the simple English laid out in this story is the tool that the Spirit of God used to allow him to understand the gospel. He made a decision to follow Christ today!”

We were so encouraged by Amanda’s story. We praise the Lord for what he has done and also for the faithfulness of Amanda and her sister in being ambassadors for Christ.

(*Name changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

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