Easter: Praise the Risen Lord

The story of the empty cross and the empty tomb is the source of hope and joy for believers around the world. The death of Jesus as our substitute to pay for our sin-debt and the gift of his righteousness given to us constitute the meaning of the empty cross and the empty tomb.

He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification. Romans 5:25 (NIV)

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Good Friday: My Favourite Lamb

My Favourite Lamb

On this Good Friday, we want to share with you a special song. It’s taken from the musical that we’re developing entitled, No Ordinary Story. The musical centers on three strangers who meet on a train. They begin to have a conversation about the meaning of life, death and life after death. Along the way, one of the three shares the biblical worldview, explaining what the Bible is all about. Performed with a blend of drama and song, No Ordinary Story takes a journey through the gospel story using a historical narrative.

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The gospel set to music

GoodSeed Musical
We had staff and friends form a small choir. Though they only had a few short weeks to rehearse, they really poured their hearts into it.

The atmosphere was charged as staff and friends gathered in the hall and found their seats. They were about to watch not just any musical, but one about the gospel. And it wasn’t just any musical about the gospel, it was one produced by GoodSeed.

“I had no idea how it would be like before the performance,” quipped one staff member. “We knew the project had been going on for years, but we just didn’t know how it would turn out.”

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First-ever performance of the GoodSeed musical at our Bible Camp

Once every two years, our global staff, families and friends gather for our International Bible Camp. This year’s was a great time of prayer, worship and fellowship. We gave updates to all the staff on the plans for the coming months and our invited speaker taught us through the book of James. It was not all serious business though. There was lots of catching up, games and sharing testimonies of what God has been doing in each of our lives and in our areas of work.

While the adults had meetings and training sessions, our children had their own camp. There were devotions and a whole lot of outdoor fun. The weather started off cool but as it warmed up, the kids were out there in the sand, in the water and flying through the air! We knew they had a good camp because we only saw them at mealtimes.

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Look and Ponder

In celebration of Christmas–remembering the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ–we want to share Look and Ponder, a poem written by John Cross and featured as a song in our upcoming musical, No Ordinary Story. We wish you and yours a truly blessed Christmas!

Look and Ponder by John R Cross

Jesus rose to life – A poem for Easter

Jesus rose to life

Jesus rose to life

If Jesus be dead, in the grip of a tomb,
There’d be nothing for us but fear and doom.
Life would be sad, with no way to cope.
Death would reign all, without any hope.

If Jesus be dead, in the grip of a tomb,
We’d have no future, only dark and gloom.
No life after death, no eternity in sight,
No hope, no joy, no Saviour, no light.

But…. (And aren’t we thankful there is a “but”)

But thanks be to God, Jesus rose to life.
The debt all paid, though sin was rife.
His body lay in the tomb three days,
Then up from the grave his life was raised.

Yes, thanks be to God, Jesus rose to life.
He conquered death, all sin and strife.
To those who believe, from death set free.
With hope, with joy, their Saviour to see.

A poem by John R. Cross
2013 © John R. Cross


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