How we’re working to keep costs low

Making materials financially accessible

We’re all feeling the impact of rising costs. At GoodSeed, we work hard to make the gospel as accessible as possible to those seeking the Truth, including in the area of cost. We we are doing what we can to keep our costs as low as possible. So far, our prices remain unchanged.

Here are some things we do to keep our materials as affordable as possible:

  1. FREE materials: Some simply cannot afford to buy a book. Others fear for their safety and do not want to have to explain a religious book purchase. For those people, we offer our e-books free of charge. You can also stream the entire video series of The Stranger online, as well as find other resources freely available on our website.
  2. Our staff don’t earn money off GoodSeed materials. Not even our authors. Instead, staff members either work as volunteers or raise funds as missionaries in order to keep GoodSeed operational.
  3. We charge as little as possible. GoodSeed isn’t looking to make big bucks; we simply want to be financially responsible and cover our costs to reprint and create new resources.
  4. We opt to keep our prices low rather than offer free shipping. We know shipping prices are shooting up. While free shipping is awesome, usually the shipping costs are instead hidden within the price of the item, making the items more expensive. Instead, we keep the prices of our materials as low as we can and don’t cover “free” shipping by raising the prices of our books. What it means is that you only pay for what you need, whether that be books or how much it costs to get them to you. No more and no less.
  5. We looked ahead. We could see that print costs were about to skyrocket, so we stocked up on frequently purchased books months ago. That’s how we’re still able to offer materials at the same prices as a year ago. We will continue to offer materials at those prices for as long as possible.

Here are some things you can do to save when you purchase from us:

  1. Purchase in bulk. For most of our materials, you receive significant discounts (often between 20-50% off) the more you purchase. In some cases, if you just buy another book or two, you will find your cost doesn’t change much – but you get more books.
  2. Try to purchase more, less often. This is why: shipping on the first book or two is significant compared to the cost of the books. But the more you purchase, you will see the per-book shipping cost drop significantly. So if you think you will want more books in a few months, consider saving yourself quite a lot in shipping by buying it in one go.
  3. For USA Residents: Americans save a significant amount due to exchange rate. Because we operate out of Canada, you currently save 20-25% off Canadian prices (including shipping) simply because the US dollar is that much stronger than the Canadian dollar. Also, you do not pay any taxes, Canadian or American.