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Merry Christmas! This year-end we have an overstock of select items at our US store and want to offer a discounted price to you. Think of the people in your town and all of the nationalities represented in this great melting pot of America. The world is at our doorstep, and we have the opportunity to share with them the glad tidings of Christ who has come to save the world. There is no better time than the present to give someone a gift, why not give the gift of the gospel in a neighbor’s heart language? This may be the tool the Lord uses to change a heart and life! 

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Stranger on the Road to Emmaus – ROMANIAN

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Salvation comes to a woman in China

Another story of a life transformed through the power of the gospel!  

Evelyn*, a missionary in China writes: 

“Would you tell me some Bible stories?” Lin* asked.  

While going to school in the States, she had been exposed to some Christianity, and she was interested in learning more. I suggested that we go through the book, The Lamb, as a way to reach this searching heart. After going through the book together with me in three separate sessions, she received Christ as her personal Savior!  

One question that she asked, when she heard that God promised to someday send a Savior was, “Why doesn’t He do it Himself?”  

It was so exciting to take her through and show her from Scripture that He DID do it Himself!  

We now use this book very effectively to introduce the promised Savior to those who show interest in this very needy country.”

Praise God! When newcomers to the Bible, like Lin*, encounter God by journeying through the storyline of Scripture, the Holy Spirit reveals truths about God’s holiness, our sinfulness, Jesus’ provision, and that there is salvation for everyone who believes.  

Would you be prepared and available to share Christ with someone who asked you to tell them some Bible stories? Be ready! 


(*Names changed as per GoodSeed policy.)

Opening the door to evangelism

Our vision is to see God transform lives, grow churches, and reach languages through a clear understanding of the central message of the Bible.  

Making our resources available for free online is one way this vision is materializing.  

Kim in Iowa is excited about sharing the gospel, and is giving away our new, free eBook-business cards to people who come to her home. She writes: 

“Praise report! I have been able to give out several cards in the last two weeks. I gave cards out to salesmen who visited the house, one from Slovakia, and to two teens who knew little about the gospel. These are great materials!” 

May we each have the courage and passion to share the gospel with the people we interact with on a daily basis.  

Get equipped! Purchase ebook-business cards to give away here: 


Sharing the hope of resurrection at a funeral

What does it mean to make the most of opportunities? 

 Colossians 4:2-5 says:   

Devote yourselves to prayer that God will open up to us a door for the word, so that we may speak forth the mystery of Christ, … Conduct yourselves with wisdom toward outsiders, making the most of the opportunity. (NASB) 

When a family member passed away, Tom and Lorie’s family chose to use the funeral as an opportunity to share the gospel. 

“My father-in-law passed away a few months ago.  He was a very godly man and raised his family to know and love God.  At his funeral, our family knew that many would come, since Dad was an OB/GYN who had delivered many children into the world over the years. 

As we prepared for the funeral service, we settled on what songs to sing, who would present the message and eulogy, but wondered what to put in the bulletin.  With the topic of life and death on everyone’s mind, we thought it would be best to point people to the word of God. So, we decided to give everyone a free eBook explaining the gospel. We put a link to By This Name on the back of the bulletin, so each person who attended would be able to download it for free when they got home. We’re praying that as they reflect on the fragility of life, the Holy Spirit will guide them to the source and giver of eternal life, Jesus Christ.”  

May each of us be watching and praying with wisdom for every opportunity to proclaim the gospel! 

Share this link for a free gospel resource: 

Get equipped to share with our new free eBook – business cards: 

“I wish you could have seen her face light up!”

Kellee, GoodSeed USA staff member, used going to ride roller coasters with her kids this summer as an opportunity for them to share the gospel. She writes:

Will Rogers, Oklahoma’s Favorite Son, was famously quoted as saying, “I never met a man I didn’t like.” My daughter Kora, showing her Oklahoma roots (now transplanted in Idaho by way of Thailand), would say the same thing about everyone she meets. This summer, we got season passes to the local theme park.  We love spending our days in the sunshine, soaking up every last ray we can before our short Idaho summer ends. And in every line, at each attraction, even in the bathroom, Kora makes friends.  It’s always fun to meet someone new! 

When GoodSeed released the give-away cards for the children’s book, “The Lamb”, I snatched some up and let Kora know I was carrying some in my bag. I told her that she could give them to the friends she makes.  As a mom, it has been a blessing to see her share the gospel, even at 5 years old.  One night, we were in the line for a ride, and Kora made fast friends with another little girl. She even ditched her brother, Kees, so they could ride together. While they were on the ride, I introduced myself to the girl’s uncle and chatted a little bit about what they’d been doing on their vacation. When the girls got off the ride, they walked over holding hands, and Kora gave her a card. I wish you could have seen her face light up!  She kept saying, “Look, my new friend gave me this!”   

The park was closing soon so we went our separate ways, the day of fun at an end. I doubt we’ll ever see this family again, and I don’t know if they’ll download or read the book, but I do know that God is faithful, and I trust He is working behind the scenes in ways I don’t know.  Each card we hand out, is another person we can pray for, another seed that is planted. We pray that God will use our efforts and multiply them! 


May we each have courage like Kora to share the life-changing message of the gospel with those we meet. Pray for opportunities, stock up on these evangelism aids, and trust God for good things to come! 



A getaway that led to an opportunity

This story comes from Tom, one of our GoodSeed USA staff members. He writes about making a connection with a passenger on a recent flight.

My wife and I recently made a trip to New Zealand to celebrate our anniversary. On our return flight to Australia, I found myself sitting next to a young man from Oman. We politely started plane conversation. You know how it goes: “Where are you going? For work or pleasure?” I discovered he was heading back to Sydney to return to university.  I remarked that I had just done some teaching in several churches around the Sydney area. He proceeded to let me know that he was Muslim. I was in prayer during this time and asking God how to guide this conversation for further spiritual benefit. Thankfully I was prepared. I had brought along a business card with a free link to the eBook for All that the Prophets have Spoken. I respectfully handed him the card, saying that it tells of the prophets of old and that he may want to know more about what they had said. I told him it is even written in Arabic, a language he also spoke. He took the card and held it between his hands for the rest of the trip. We parted ways at the end of the flight, but my prayers went with him. I pray that he would read and grasp the message of the book, that of the centricity of Jesus Christ in the Bible and all of history, and that he would in turn embrace the God of peace.

Step up to the challenge to share the gospel on planes or wherever God has you, and share with us a story of your own. Get equipped with GoodSeed business cards here :

A small step of faith at a local dump

Scott, one of our GoodSeed USA staff, recently had the opportunity to share some of our new free By This Name e-book cards. He writes:

I love going to the local dump. There’s no better feeling than driving home with an empty pickup truck!

Early last Saturday morning, with hot coffee in hand, I headed across town and pulled up onto the entry weigh scale where a smiling booth attendant, whose name tag read “MARGE,” greeted me.

“Good morning! What do you have for me today?” She asked. I described the nature of my debris, as she noted the weight of my full truck, and handed me a pink laminated card.

“Trade you?” I asked, while offering her a business card with a link to download a free copy of By This Name.

“What’s this?!” She asked, still smiling, as she looked over the card.

“It’s just a little something for you,” I answered, “With it, you can download a free eBook that explains the message of the Bible in a way that makes a lot of sense. I’ve read it myself, and I really enjoyed it–I hope you do too!”

“Why thank you!” Marge said. And off I went.

Once my truck was empty and swept, I drove onto the exit weigh scale. Another attendant whose name tag read, “TONY,” extended his hand to receive the pink card Marge had given me. I gave it to him, along with another free eBook business card.

As I drove home, I thought, “Who knew something so mundane as going to the dump would give me a chance to invite people to journey through the Scriptures?”

I prayed for Marge and Tony, asking God to prompt them to get the book. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will bring new realizations about God’s holiness, sin’s devastation, Jesus’s amazing provision, and how trust in God changes everything.

Sharing the gospel in everyday life is always going to take a step of faith. These little business cards are a big help. Order yours HERE:

Rideshare the Gospel

At GoodSeed, we believe God transforms lives as people understand the gospel. Our aim is to get a clear presentation of the gospel into the hands of as many people as we can. One of our missionaries, Doug, just had this opportunity. He writes:

“I recently started driving in the evenings to earn extra money for our family. The other night I was chatting with one of my passengers, and he was telling me all about a new business venture he was a part of. As he was getting out of the car, he gave me his business card. When he handed it to me, I offered him a card in return, one that has a download for a free eBook, “By This Name.” This book presents who Jesus is and what He accomplished as the central figure of the entire Bible. The rider was really excited to download the book and was happy that I’d given the card to him. I am praying that the Holy Spirit will use this resource to bring him to a clearer understanding of the gospel and with it salvation and a changed life.”

These free eBook cards will be available for all of our main resources including: The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, All that the Prophets have Spoken, The Lamb, The Story that Matters, and What are Christmas & Easter All About. Coming soon to our US and Canada stores:  US( Canada (

Join with us in handing these out to those the Lord brings into your life and expect great things!

Cody’s story: Jesus has changed my life

Cody grew up in a house where God didn’t really exist. He had great parents who taught him things like “don’t cheat, don’t lie, don’t steal, show respect to others, respect your elders…” However, the family never went to church. The name of God was never spoken. Though Cody endeavoured to live a respectable life, he was ignorant of the true Source of right and wrong.

Then Cody met Julia. It didn’t take long before the two were married, and shortly after, Julia started a new job. She came home the first day and talked about how great everyone was at her new workplace. One person’s name seemed to stand out in particular. Her name was Liz and, “Wow! She is so nice!” were Julia’s words.

Liz began mentoring Julia at work and, after a while, wanted to get a small group together with Cody, Julia and a few others. The purpose would be to study the Bible. Cody’s instant response was an adamant “No!”

Time went on but whenever Julia talked to her husband about the opportunity, he was still resistant to the idea. When she asked why, Cody told her, “I don’t need to go to a Bible study or growth group or attend a church to have a relationship with God.” Looking back, Cody calls that “the biggest cop-out lie” he’s ever told!

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20th Anniversary of The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

It’s amazing the sort of impact one book can have. 20 years ago, in 1997, the book The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus was published. At the time, author John R. Cross and the men working with him had no idea that it would be the catalyst for a global ministry and how many people would come to faith in Christ through it. It was just one book with a simple message: a straightforward, systematic presentation of the gospel from creation to the cross.

The writing of The Stranger was drawn from decades of missionary experience of those working among tribal people in Papua New Guinea and elsewhere. These tribes, previously unevangelised and ignorant of the Bible’s message, responded well to a chronological presentation of the gospel. So well, in fact, that whole villages were putting their faith in Christ, without the age-old problems of syncretism and “rice Christians.” When the Bible was presented from creation to Christ, it made profound sense. The people would understand and believe. Lives were transformed.

But was it only tribal groups who responded so well to the creation-to-Christ method? What about the Western world? As John and his colleagues interacted with people back home in North America and around the world, they realized that some of these people were just as ignorant of the Bible as the tribal people. They knew nothing about God. They didn’t understand who Jesus was and why he came. We live, for the most part, in a post-Christian culture.

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus was, in a sense, an experiment. It was a book that used the same method that had proven so effective with tribal groups—a chronological approach to explaining the gospel—except this time for the Western world. It was designed so that it could be given away or used to guide people to a clear understanding of the Bible. But would it be relevant and effective?

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