Easy enough for a burned-out mind like mine to understand.

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(Editor’s note: Upfront it seems difficult to guide someone through a study of the Bible. But what if you had to deal with troubled teens? How do you hold their attention? How do you explain the Bible’s truth in a way that they can understand? Learn how George used the Worldview Rethink tools to do just that.)

Recently, George* finished a Worldview Rethink course with teenage boys from a resident recovery program. These boys were aged between 13-18 and were struggling with life-controlling issues like behavioral problems, substance abuse and more. The Worldview Rethink curriculum provided an easy and clear way to teach the Bible’s message to these troubled youths.

As the course began, one of the boys, Ronald*, commented, “I really think I’m going to enjoy this course. It is deep, yet simple enough for a burned-out mind like mine to understand.”

These teenage boys had been struggling to make themselves look right before a holy God. Now they were learning that there was nothing they could do to overcome their sin. They were learning they needed someone, a sufficient Substitute, to fix their sin problem.

As the course progressed, they learned that their sin problem was solved through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If they put their trust in Jesus and what he did, God would declare them righteous and God’s Holy Spirit would come to be in their lives. When they realized how simple it was, many of the boys put their trust in Jesus. Ronald was one of those who understood and put his trust in Jesus! Thank God for that. Several are still processing what they’ve learned and we pray they will understand and believe.

When working with troubled teens, we often struggle with how to share a clear gospel with them. George found that the Worldview Rethink course materials and lots of prayer helped him to hold the attention of the teens and give them a solid grounding in the gospel.

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Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski on flickr


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