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Learn the Bible

for yourself



Take a free online video course to learn the main message of the Bible for yourself.



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Give a friend an explanation of

the Bible


Give a friend a book or DVD that allows him to learn the main message of the Bible for himself.


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Guide a friend through the Bible



Learn how even someone with no experience can guide a friend through a clear and objective explanation of the gospel.

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  • We provide books, DVDs, audiobooks, curriculum and visual aids.
  • Each tool is adapted for different worldviews, ages and learning abilities.
  • All tools use a story-telling approach—no dry lists of facts.
  • Content is self-contained—no previous Bible knowledge necessary.
  • Each tool explains the gospel, the central message of the Bible.


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Time was running out

Nora had a burden for her mentally disabled sister-in-law. But how do you reach one who has been so isolated from God's truth due to such a disability? Read her story >>

Three churches reach their communities

In rural Canada, three churches worked together to deliver the good news to every household in two neighbouring towns. Learn how they did it >>



Business Manager for Canada Office

We have an urgent need for a Finance manager in our Olds, AB office. Learn more >>


Planned Giving - Canada

We have partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose to provide our supporters a confidential and complimentary estate plan. Learn more >>


International Office Building Fund

As of Nov 12, 2014, we have $553,950 left to raise for the purchase of the building. Learn how you can help >>

“The Bible made

so much sense”

We believe that everyone, worldwide, should have unhindered access to the central message of the Bible—the gospel of God’s grace—and that each individual should be equally free to reject or accept that message. By “free” we mean that a person can investigate the claims of the Bible and decide either to trust or refute its message without feeling coerced or fearing for life and limb.