• We provide books, DVDs, audiobooks, curriculum and visual aids.
  • Each tool is adapted for different worldviews, ages and learning abilities.
  • All tools use a story-telling approach—no dry lists of facts.
  • Content is self-contained—no previous Bible knowledge necessary.
  • Each tool explains the gospel, the central message of the Bible.





TERM Seminar: I realized how much the world has changed

Fletcher was enthusiastic as he shared with us his evangelism plans. Having finished the one-day TERM Seminar at Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, he had caught the vision of how it was possible for an ordinary believer like himself to reach the people in his community with the gospel. Learn about his plans »


These are miracles for us!

Ada and Konrad are ordinary believers in a German city. But they had their eyes open for opportunities to share the gospel and they began to offer Bible studies to those who were interested. What happened »


Introducing By This Name Interactive edition and Leader's Guide

Announcing the launch of premier resources from GoodSeed. The new interactive edition comes with 66 videos that supplement the text. The leader's guide is used to lead a study and provides notes and guidance so any believer can lead. Learn more »


A scene straight out of the book of Acts

In a quiet German city, the Monday night study had come to an end. Fourteen participants had been coming together once a week for fifteen weeks. In this gathering were Germans, Russian-Germans and Italians. And in all the weeks that the group met, no one dropped out.

What they learned »


That's not going to work

Anne grew up learning about the Bible but as she grew up, she left it behind. When a tradegy struck her family, she knew she had to get right with God, but she didn't know how. God provided a friend who was willing to share the gospel with her. What happened »




Can you help? Journey with us to complete No Ordinary Story

We’ve been working hard on a musical that shares the message of the gospel. We invite you to journey with us in prayer and support as we move into our next phase of production. Learn how you can use your talents and skills to help >>


New positions available at our Quebec office

We have three new positions available at our office in Quebec: an account manager, teacher and certified translator. Learn more >>

“The Bible made

so much sense”

We believe that everyone, worldwide, should have unhindered access to the central message of the Bible—the gospel of God’s grace—and that each individual should be equally free to reject or accept that message. By “free” we mean that a person can investigate the claims of the Bible and decide either to trust or refute its message without feeling coerced or fearing for life and limb.


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