The Bible is God’s personal message to mankind. It consists of 66 books, each without error in the original writings.


There is only one God, eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, and existing everywhere at one time. He is perfect, equally loving and just—a holy lawgiver. Though one, He consists of three co-equal, distinct persons—the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


God created spirit beings—angels—that serve Him. One, leading many others, rebelled. Though not nearly as powerful as God, Satan presently rules this world as an enemy of God; but in the future, he will be cast into the Lake of Fire specially prepared for him and his followers.


Man was created by God as a special friend; then rebelled and joined Satan’s ranks, resulting in all mankind being helplessly sinful. That sin incurs a debt payable only by physical and eternal death.


God came to earth as the God-man Jesus, lived a sinless life, and thus having no sin-debt of His own, lovingly paid man’s sin-debt by dying in his place, after which He came back to life, subsequently returning to heaven. That for all those who with confidence believe that Jesus died in their place, God restores the friendship and freely gives them eternal life with Him.


The Holy Spirit lives inside those who trust in Jesus. He is a daily teacher and friend, showing man how to avoid sin, encouraging and empowering man to live right.


There are many false religions and churches, but all those who trust in Jesus belong to a true invisible church, often visible as a local church.


In the future, Jesus will return to take those who love Him back to heaven, finally closing this world age by judging Satan and all who reject Him (Jesus).


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