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Worldview Evangelism & Discipleship

When you think of God, what is he like? How you answer that question reflects your worldview. Each of the major worldviews are different, and GoodSeed has created resources designed for each worldview, whether Christian, Islamic, Eastern religious, or Secular.

Children's Picture Book, Gospel Tracts, and Discipleship

How can you train your family? The Lamb is an ideal picture book for sharing a Creation-to-Christ message with Children. Learn more...


GoodSeed uses this same Creation-to-Christ method in two similar gospel booklets that are written in EasyEnglish, The Story that Matters and What are Christmas and Easter all About? These booklets are designed and priced to give away in bulk. Learn more...


Our Wordlview Evangelism books are great for discipleship, but for those who wish to go deeper, The Captive and the King's Will is a follow up book that helps people further understand the Christian faith and life. Learn more...



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