Altos to the left, sops on the right! Gearing up for Easter performances of “No Ordinary Story”


Monday evening. Seven o’clock. The sanctuary of First Baptist Church is a lively place. Almost 40 people are trying to position themselves on four levels of risers on the stage. The choir director is waving her arms at her singers.

“Altos to the left, sopranos to the right, and tenors and basses in the middle. No… everyone move over a few feet to the left. The screen needs to be visible behind you. There… that looks right. Can everyone see me? Hmm… Allan can’t see from where he sits at the piano. Let’s adjust a few more things.”

Then Allan gives a thumbs up. It looks like everyone is ready to sing.

This practice is one of many as First Baptist Church, Olds gears up for three performances of No Ordinary Story this Easter. The choir and soloists have been diligently learning and perfecting the 17 songs in the program, and the actors are working overtime to get their parts solidly memorized. While GoodSeed songwriter and composer, Allan, will be playing piano for a number of the songs, this presentation of No Ordinary Story will be using the instrumental backing tracks recorded last fall.

Everyone involved is excited for these upcoming performances. These Easter performances are evangelistic events, with ads in a local paper, radio spots and invitation cards. The church is training a group of counsellors who will be able to talk to anyone interested in finding out more about the gospel after the performances. This is exactly the vision for No Ordinary Story, to enable churches to tell the gospel story through music and drama. It’s exciting to see this church use the musical to reach its community.

Pray with us that many who have never heard or understood the gospel before will come to watch the production. Pray that God will use these performances to bring understanding and salvation. Also pray that all the fine details of preparation, practice and performance will come together smoothly and that the message will come across with clarity and excellence.

Anyone is welcome to attend these performances. Here are the performance details:

First Baptist Church
5005-53 Avenue, Olds, AB
March 24, 25 and 26
7:00 p.m.
Admission is free.

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