Meet Mervyn & Kathy Jenkins, GoodSeed UK & Ireland

The Jenkins familyScotland is a beautiful expression of the artistry of our Creator, with green highlands, rocky coasts, mysterious islands and meandering lochs. These picturesque surroundings were the setting of a childhood in which Mervyn regularly heard God’s Word and was taught the gospel. However, it wasn’t until his late teens that he put his trust in Jesus Christ.

Kathy’s home, on the other hand, was not a Christian one. It was only when a pastor’s daughter shared the gospel with her that she came to a personal faith. This led her to attend church—the one Mervyn was attending. They met at a house group, and after dating for almost four years, married in 1996. God blessed them with two daughters, Lauren and Chloe, now both in their late teens.

Although Mervyn and Kathy were believers, the next few years saw them slowly become distracted from a wholehearted devotion to God and his Word. It was through a sermon series on Ephesians 6 that they became refocused on what truly counted in this life: following God and living their lives fully for him. Recognizing that they would face opposition in their walk with the Lord, they wanted to be enabled to stand firm in their faith. They also wanted be equipped to tell others about Jesus Christ.

They pursued Bible college training in England and then in Northern Ireland, where they made their home in 2010. It was in 2014 that they encountered GoodSeed. After attending two TERM Seminars and running a Worldview Rethink course, Mervyn and Kathy decided to join GoodSeed as full time staff. The steps of seeking and following God had led to them to spread the gospel through this ministry.

Portadown, in County Armagh, Northern Ireland, is a town that dates back to the 17th century. It has a rich and varied history, much of which is dotted with religious and political conflict. It is here that GoodSeed’s UK and Ireland office is based, having relocated from Fraserburgh. For Mervyn and Kathy, running a new office in a new location with a very small team is no small challenge.

Mervyn and Kathy work together as a team doing whatever needs to be done. They are praying for more opportunities to connect with churches, as they recognise the local church’s involvement in structured evangelism is a key New Testament principal of spreading the gospel.

Although God has blessed Northern Ireland with many Spirit-filled believers, there are still many people inside and outside of church that do not possess a clear understanding of the Bible’s message. Mervyn and Kathy know there is a great need for the gospel in their community and in rest of the British Isles. God is still at work in the UK and Ireland, and Mervyn and Kathy are keen to see believers equipped to communicate the gospel clearly in a growing biblically illiterate and multicultural society.

Mervyn and Kathy believe the Worldview Rethink studies present fantastic opportunities. There are those attending the studies who hear the gospel clearly for the first time, and others who may be believers already. Some are unsure about what they believe and others need to be re-established in the truth. One of the most exciting aspects of the Worldview Rethink studies and TERM Seminars is that they equip the participants to share the gospel with others. Mervyn and Kathy’s prayer is that people will catch the vision for a lifestyle of evangelism.

Please pray with us for the Jenkins.

Prayer Requests

  • Raising awareness among other ministries: As an equipping ministry, we want to partner with other ministries to advance the gospel together. Please pray God will open doors for Mervyn and Kathy to connect with churches and ministries in the UK and Ireland.
  • Worldview Rethink studies: Pray for more opportunities to conduct studies. One lady who attended the first Worldview Rethink study that they led was a backslidden Christian who was not walking with the Lord. After several weeks of the study, the Jenkins could see the change in her. She’s like a new person, excited about God. She said it was as though she had a new relationship with Jesus and has been at church ever since. There were others in the studies who heard the gospel for the first time. These studies are important opportunities for Mervyn and Kathy to reach right into the community. Pray that those who have expressed interest in Bible studies would follow up and attend. One aim of these studies is to equip the participants to do the study with others. Mervyn and Kathy’s prayer is that participants will catch the vision to share the gospel in a similar way, and that participants will realize it is not just for gifted teachers, but that any believer can do it.
  • Running the office: Daily operations such as bookkeeping, processing orders, office administration, engaging with constituents and other ministries take up time. Please pray for more volunteers and staff. Pray also that Mervyn’s and Kathy’s hearts will continue to be encouraged as they walk daily in obedience to God, even when faced with setbacks.

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