Just what did the prophets say?

Do you know? Does it matter?

Preserved and passed down from one generation to the next is a unique Book that has shaped much of history. Recorded by ancient prophets, this is not a book to be lightly dismissed, for it claims to be the Word of God itself—the Holy Scriptures.

Over the centuries, the Scriptures have been both praised and condemned. But why? Why is it that these Writings have been such a “hot button” subject—the focus of intense arguments? What is it about its message that makes it so significant?

Here is your opportunity to decide for yourself. As you search for answers, All that the Prophets have Spoken will guide you in a way that is simple, clear and objective.


The videos here complement the book. Click on a chapter and you will see videos that go with the text of that chapter. Follow the play icons in the book margins to know when to play the videos.