US Overstock Sale

Merry Christmas! This year-end we have an overstock of select items at our US store and want to offer a discounted price to you. Think of the people in your town and all of the nationalities represented in this great melting pot of America. The world is at our doorstep, and we have the opportunity to share with them the glad tidings of Christ who has come to save the world. There is no better time than the present to give someone a gift, why not give the gift of the gospel in a neighbor’s heart language? This may be the tool the Lord uses to change a heart and life! 

Follow the links to our US store for up to 58% off the following products: 

Stranger – Large Print English: 

Stranger – Portuguese: 

Stranger – Russian: 

Stranger – Korean: 

All the Prophets – Arabic: 

Stranger – Romanian: 

Lamb – Simplified Chinese: 

Author: Scott Humphreys

Staff writer, Research Planning and Marketing at the GoodSeed USA Coeur d'Alene, ID office.