A small step of faith at a local dump

Scott, one of our GoodSeed USA staff, recently had the opportunity to share some of our new free By This Name e-book cards. He writes:

I love going to the local dump. There’s no better feeling than driving home with an empty pickup truck!

Early last Saturday morning, with hot coffee in hand, I headed across town and pulled up onto the entry weigh scale where a smiling booth attendant, whose name tag read “MARGE,” greeted me.

“Good morning! What do you have for me today?” She asked. I described the nature of my debris, as she noted the weight of my full truck, and handed me a pink laminated card.

“Trade you?” I asked, while offering her a business card with a link to download a free copy of By This Name.

“What’s this?!” She asked, still smiling, as she looked over the card.

“It’s just a little something for you,” I answered, “With it, you can download a free eBook that explains the message of the Bible in a way that makes a lot of sense. I’ve read it myself, and I really enjoyed it–I hope you do too!”

“Why thank you!” Marge said. And off I went.

Once my truck was empty and swept, I drove onto the exit weigh scale. Another attendant whose name tag read, “TONY,” extended his hand to receive the pink card Marge had given me. I gave it to him, along with another free eBook business card.

As I drove home, I thought, “Who knew something so mundane as going to the dump would give me a chance to invite people to journey through the Scriptures?”

I prayed for Marge and Tony, asking God to prompt them to get the book. Perhaps the Holy Spirit will bring new realizations about God’s holiness, sin’s devastation, Jesus’s amazing provision, and how trust in God changes everything.

Sharing the gospel in everyday life is always going to take a step of faith. These little business cards are a big help. Order yours HERE: us.goodseed.com/new-release

Author: Scott Humphreys

Staff writer, Research Planning and Marketing at the GoodSeed USA Coeur d'Alene, ID office.