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learn about the Bible

  • We provide books, DVDs, audiobooks, curriculum and visual aids.
  • Each tool is adapted for different worldviews, ages and learning abilities.
  • All tools use a story-telling approach—no dry lists of facts.
  • Content is self-contained—no previous Bible knowledge necessary.
  • Each tool explains the gospel, the central message of the Bible.


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Worldview Rethink: Tools to help you share the biblical worldview

Whenever we've conducted TERM Seminars we employ tools like visual aids and workbooks. We also get participants to read the Scripture portions, underline key points and watch the interactive video clips that provide supplementary information. After each seminar, the top questions invariably are: “Can I get those notes you have so I can teach the way you do?” and “Where can I get those visual aids to help me teach?” These questions gave rise to the Worldview Rethink curriculum.  Learn more >>


Indiana Jones and the power of a visual aid

Some months ago, John Cross met with a pastor over breakfast at a local diner. Their purpose in sitting down together was to become acquainted with each other and for John to share about the ministry of GoodSeed and how it might be of assistance to other ministries. During their time together, John put on the table a model of the Ark of the Covenant.  Guess what happens next >>


No Ordinary Story in no ordinary church

The musical committee at GoodSeed has been working on No Ordinary Story for more than four years. Today, the scores have been written, the script is ready and a demo CD has been produced. We are now at the live testing stage. Listen to two of the songs >>


Leave a legacy of Kingdom building

We seldom want to contemplate death–either our own or someone else’s but we do know it will come to us all–and oftentimes unexpected. We do not know how long we are here on this earth. But while we are, we want our lives to count–to make a difference. And so we invest our time, our talent and our treasure into building God’s Kingdom. Read on >>


New: All that the Prophets have Spoken Interactive Edition and Leader's Guide

we’re excited to announce the launch of two new resources: All that the Prophets have Spoken Interactive Edition and All that the Prophets have Spoken Leader’s Guide. These books address questions Muslims might have and provides good answers. Ultimately, what the reader believes is up to him or her but the aim of the books is to provide clear understanding on the core message of the Bible.  Learn more >>





New positions available at our Quebec office

We have three new positions available at our office in Quebec: an account manager, teacher and certified translator. Learn more >>


International Office Building Fund

As of Apr 4, 2015, we have $535,500 left to raise for the purchase of the building. Learn how you can help >>

“The Bible made

so much sense”

We believe that everyone, worldwide, should have unhindered access to the central message of the Bible—the gospel of God’s grace—and that each individual should be equally free to reject or accept that message. By “free” we mean that a person can investigate the claims of the Bible and decide either to trust or refute its message without feeling coerced or fearing for life and limb.

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